Our Mission Statement

The mission of York Pines United Church
is to be an instrument to achieve God's Plan by:
Providing an environment that transforms lives
through worship, music, learning and personal growth;
Building a vibrant, nurturing family of faithful Christians
that is inclusive and respectful to all;
Reaching out into our community and the world,
offering compassion and support in all ways;
Embracing change eagerly yet sensibly
as we discover new ways to be relevant to people's relationship to God.

Photo of Church


York Pines United Church was opened in 1966.
Three King Township village churches came together to
form York Pines: Kettleby (1841-1966); Pottageville (1853-1966),
and Snowball (1856 – 1966). These village churches were originally
Methodist, but they joined with Presbyterian and Congregational
Churches in 1925 to form the United Church of Canada.

Staff Listing

Rev Andrew Lee, Ministry Team, full time
Rev Bruce Roffey, Ministry Team, half time
Ted Anderson, Organist and Choir Director
Pat Johnston, Office Administrator
Steve Kuin, Custodian


Deb Carpenter/Pat Johnston, Congregational Council Co-Chairs
Vacant, Christian Development and Worship
Deb Carpenter, Ministry and Personel
Brenda Walker, Treasurer
Rosemarie Ehrat, Pastoral Care
Muriel Cober, Region 10 Representative
Suzanne Svadjian, U.C.W. President